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The present of "THERMOPRIBOR"

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·Medical thermometers
·Industrial thermometers
Vibration-resistant thermometers
Thermometers for testing petroleum products
Thermal Contactors
Technical thermometers
Special-Purpose thermometers
Meteorological thermometers
Laboratory thermometers
Industrial thermometers
Electronic thermometers
Electric-Contactor thermometers
Domestic thermometers
ASTM thermometers
Agricultural thermometers
·Assembly fittings for thermometers
Bosses for holders
Protective holders


Product catalogue


The present of «THERMOPRIBOR»

Open Joint Stock Company “THERMOPRIBOR” is the only enterprise in the Russian Federation manufacturing liquid-in-glass thermometers. It was founded in 1954.

The enterprise produces all types of liquid-in-glass thermometers for usage in Laboratories, Medicine, Industry and Agriculture.

JSC “THERMOPRIBOR” uses unique production technologies and has high quality specialists to produce high precise thermometers.

The enterprise delivers thermometers to all regions of Russia, as well as to Belarus, the Ukraine, the Baltic countries, Kazakhstan, Moldova and other neighboring countries.

Quality, stability and responsibility are the main priorities of JSC “THERMOPRIBOR”.

We will be glad to become your reliable partner, and to make a contribution to the development of your business!


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